with Tory Samokhina
The Calmfort video art was created as part of the two-week expedition "To Understand Vladivostok: a fort city, a resort city" Based on the textures of the Pospelov Fort. The visual part is the documentation of the fort, and the audio track is the result of its sonification: with the help of a special program, the artists transformed photographs of the walls, rooms and details of the fort into sound samples. The resulting musical composition in the dark-ambient style combines states of calm, doom, anxiety and confusion – these are the feelings that the authors left after visiting this place.
Fort Pospelova is a temporary fortification built in 1901-1904 for the defense of the city. This is the only fort in Vladivostok in which military operations have never taken place. This peaceful existence of an object of strategic importance inspired the artist to create an audiovisual work based on the sonification of textures and general views of the structure.
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