According to the mythological texts of the Buryat culture, there is a large number of different deities, spirits and demons. All of them differ both externally and in their place in the hierarchy of deities, are both positive and negative symbols.

This work of art is an interpretation of various deities, spirits and demons that exist in the Buryat culture. The book is a vision of these spirits of the artist as a 3D designer and the neural network as an additional tool that helps to make the image more interesting and detailed.
Using a neural network is an original approach to representation of spirits and deities. Mythological texts are stored in ancient texts, which are sometimes inaccessible to a person outside the scientific field. This art project is a modern representation of the theme of the spirits of Buryat mythology. In addition to the images themselves, the book contains brief descriptions for each spirit, which allows the reader to get acquainted with the culture of a small people - the Buryats.
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