World in VRChat dedicated to the most ancient anthropomorphic spirits of Buryat myths. The viewer finds himself on an island in the middle of Lake Baikal, where spirits live: Thunderer Huhedei mergen, the owner of the water Ukha Lawson, the owners of the forest, the old man Oryel and the old woman Soryel. These spirits in Buryat mythology personify the desire to eradicate evil on earth and subjugate man the forces of nature. Good forces create the world and improve the Universe.

According to Buryat mythology, there are 3 worlds: the upper one, where the main gods live, the middle one, where people and gods live, helping man, the lower one, where evil spirits live. Spectator hits to the middle world in front of the sacred golden tree that holds up the sky. Approaching him closer you can hear the song of Buddhist monks. Spirits hid in different places of the island middle world.
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